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Strength, Flexibility, Elegance, Grace

Welcome to FSDA 

Four Season Dance Academy has a vision to bring expression through art to students all year round. We strive to create a hard working and motivational atmosphere where students can excel and become professionals in the dance and art community.


Upcoming Events


Flying Solo- Ottawa 

February 13th-15th

FSDA Competitive Showcase
Brockville Art Centre
March 1st @ 4:00PM

Breakthru Dance Challenge- Ottawa

April 10th-13th

Shine Dance Competition- Gatineau

April 24th-27th

Runway Dance Connection- Cornwall

May 9th-11th

Dance Attack- Cobourg (Elective)

May 22nd-25th

FSDA Year End Recital- Brockville Art Centre

June 7th @ 2:00 PM

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My daughter was lucky enough to join Four Season Dance Academy the first year the studio opened when she was 5 years old. She had been dancing for a few years, and her love for dance was very strong.  Katie and the FSDA staff managed to take that love and evolve it into a drive to grow her skill while also having fun and making new friends.  FSDA creates well rounded dancers by bolstering their confidence, perfecting their techniques, and encouraging their stage presence.  The studio is like a second home to the dancers and the friendships that are made there are lifelong. Our family is so thankful for the opportunities and experiences our little dancer has had with FSDA!



Pamela- FSDA Parent

Our two daughters have been at Four Season Dance Academy (FSDA) for five years now and their improvements as dancers from year to year has been amazing to watch.  Katie and all the teachers are dedicated instructors yet keep the classes fun and enjoyable for their students.  Beyond the dance progression, it is the friendships and life lessons they have learned that make me truly happy for my children be a part of the studio.  FSDA teaches the students the importance of hard work, practice, teamwork and most of all kindness towards others, so they grow as dancers and as people.  The studio strikes a perfect balance of having fun with encouraging hard work to develop their dance skills.  The senior dancers are delightful and serve as excellent role models for the younger children who look up to them, creating a positive team atmosphere from Katie, the instructors, all the way down to the youngest dancers. 


Bryan and Julie – FSDA Parent

My daughters joined the Four Season Dance Academy family in 2019. They had danced for many years before but like many children they wanted to experience something different. FSDA was a new, larger

studio, with new teachers, and new teammates. It was completely terrifying…that is until they walked through the doors. The studio was warm and inviting, the staff was friendly and their new teammates

were excited for them to be there. After the first week of classes my girls felt like they were home. Katie, Crystal, Towanna, Diego and all of the supporting teachers are amazingly talented and push the

students to strive to be the best dancers they can be. They encourage the students to take pride in their team, to experience new things, to learn, to enjoy themselves and to dance outside the box (except

during COVID). As a parent I am thrilled to know that as teachers they push themselves to continue to learn, grow and bring beauty to the stage.

My daughters have experienced tremendous growth and even though COVID has changed the face of their competition experience, they had an incredibly successful first competitive season in 2019 and despite being a different type of season in 2020, they still managed to feel positive with their accomplishments. I have faith that the FSDA team with once again take to the stage and bring their “A game.” FSDA has also given the girls the opportunity to take ballet exams, learn pointe, dance with Mini Pop

Kids, bring dance to the community, assist and teach.

During COVID Katie and the studio staff have kept families informed and have made every attempt to keep students engaged through Zoom classes and fun challenges. Katie also took an active role in promoting COVID safety in the dance community during the pandemic and was instrumental in establishing reopening safety protocols. This put my family at ease when allowing the girls to return to what they love. Although the studio now looks a little different and the routines have changed, it is still the warm, welcoming, safe place it has always been. We are proud members of the FSDArmy!


Tara – FSDA Parent

My daughter started dancing at FSDA when she was 12 having never really danced before. We were welcomed with open arms by all and 6 years later, words can’t express how much I appreciate this amazing family run studio. Every dancer is given the opportunity to shine. She has an amazing group of friends and is kept very busy being active and away from screens. The encouragement and support from other parents, dancers and instructors and the leadership opportunities provided have helped my daughter expand and grow into a confident, capable young woman. We are so fortunate to have access to such professional, talented and skilled instructors and choreographers. The lessons that have been instilled expand far beyond the walls of the studio. Respect, positive attitude, hard work, dedication and commitment  are expected and the value of volunteering and giving back to the community has been encouraged.  I have been in awe of every single performance I have seen! I especially enjoyed being able to watch classes and rehearsals on the screen in the waiting area.  We have had so much fun and created so many great memories. Thank you, we will always be #FSDAarmy!




Brenda– FSDA Parent

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Our son has loved dancing at Four Season Dance Academy over the last 2 years. After watching his two older sisters dance at FSDA for a few years, he asked to enroll in dance classes. His acro and hip hop classes have been amazing and he looks forward to participating in class every week. His strength, flexibility and dance skills have improved so much and he loves performing with his classmates. The instructors are wonderful and have become role models for our three children. We have always felt so welcome at the studio. Katie and her staff go out of their way to promote a safe and positive environment that inspires kindness, cooperation and confidence in our children. We are so happy to be part of the FSDA Family.


Melissa & Kevin- FSDA Parent

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